Wireless mic switcher

As a worship leader or lead vocalist, you’ve probably been in that situation where you’re leading a worship set, and you really want to tell the band to skip to the last song, or  go to the chorus of a new song, etc…  You try to turn around, knowing you shouldn’t turn your back to the audience, and hope the band can read your lips, but inevitably that results in a train wreck.  You can experience this in a regular worship service and even more so during special events where things often change on the fly.

Jared and I started talking about this, and what we really wanted was the ability for the lead vocalist to discretely press a hidden button that would switch their vocal mic out of the house sound, and put it in the band’s ears.  The band all uses in-ear monitors so no one else would hear his instructions except us.

So I put some thought to it, and came up with a pretty cool solution – It’s a remote controlled A-B switch.  The switching and wireless receiver electronics are housed in the receiver box, and the transmitter is a small key-fob remote like you use to unlock your car:

You can keep the transmitter in your pocket, or gaff-tape it directly to your mic!
The alien head lights up when you press the button so you know it’s safe to talk to the band without the audience hearing you.

It can be used with wireless or wired mics, or really any audio signal.  Here’s how it works.  The input is normally connected to the main output, but when you hit the button it switches it to the monitor output:

All you do is press the button, and start talking to the band.  When you let go of the button, you’re connected back to the main sound system!

Its great for all of those spur-of-the moment inspirations, service changes, or even cracking a joke to get the band to SMILE!

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